Caught on CCTV Brutal scenes as English and Albanian gangs fight over drug control on

The shocking moment a mass brawl breaks out on a prison exercise yard has been captured on brutal CCTV footage.A hoard of inmates at Wandsworth Prison, in south London, clashed as drug gangs fought for supremacy over who trafficked and dealt narcotics on their wing. The short but bloody clip features lags from English and Albanian crews throwing punches and landing kicks as violence explodes onto the yard.One inmate had to be airlifted to hospital after he was beaten and stabbed during the fight, which took place just two weeks ago. The footage begins with prisoners lining the walls and with a smaller group in the centre of the yard, before a scuffle can be seen breaking out in the top right corner of the communal space.Suddenly the scuffle develops into a bigger altercation and cons from across the yard sprint over to join in on the violence, throwing punches and grabbing hold of their opponents.It is not clear how many targets are being attacked, or which nationality they belong too, but it certainly appears that one gang has the numerical advantage over the other.Inmates also claimed that corruption is rife in the prison with some officers charging hundreds of pounds to bring in drugs and mobile phones.Officer Andy Topping, said conditions are the worst they have been at the jail during in his years of service.

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