Reckless driver inches away from killing kids in horror vid

Cops said reckless Richard Walker's driving "was the worst they had seen" after they had chased him through a busy city for hours.The 27-year-old sped a stolen Volvo at the group of kids walking home from school in Hull, East Yorks., as he tried to flee from a botched burglary.Walker was jailed for four and a half years at Hull Crown Court on Thursday after admitting dangerous driving and burglary. Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Walker: "Just imagine if it had been a mother and a baby in a pram, or a pensioner, or someone who was disabled, who was travelling along that footpath, who would not be as dexterous as those children were in jumping out of the way."You would have killed him. There is no question you would have killed them by your appalling driving."The chilling dash cam footage shows the terrified children flee for their lives before dangerous Walker turns down a narrow residential street on April 19 this year.He hurls the wrong way down a busy dual-carriageway and almost careers into a cyclist.Walker, described as a "professional burglar" in court, had taken the Volvo from a property in Kirk Ella, Hull.Speaking after sentencing, detective constable David Stockwell, of Humberside Police, said: "The lack of regard for other road users, kids walking home from school, anything could have happened.

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