Hero off duty nurse who saved stabbed builder by giving him CPR in the street says she was just

Video footage shows the down dressed woman on her knees performing CPR as she desperately attempts to keep the blood soaked victim alive in Easton, Bristol.The heroic off-duty nurse who saved the life of a man stabbed in the street has admitted she did not even have to think about coming to his aid - as she 'was in nurse mode and you don't ever shut that off'. Abigail Bamber, 26, was driving back from a day out shopping in Bristol city centre when she saw a man stumbling across the road. The staff nurse - who was enjoying a day off for her 26th birthday, which she had celebrated just two days earlier - got her friend to pull over as the man collapsed to the ground. After discovering he wasn't breathing, she immediately began CPR. Video footage recorded by a passer-by shows her pounding on the dying man's chest, desperately trying to keep him alive as his life ebbed away. Her selfless actions paid off - as the blood-soaked victim started breathing again and survived as a direct result of her actions. Paramedics arrived five minutes later and took the 41-year-old - who is still in a critical condition - to hospital.But Abigail, a nurse on a surgical ward at Bristol's Southmead Hospital, dismissed suggestions she was a hero - insisting she 'just went into nurse mode'.Speaking from the ward where she works today, she said: 'When things like that happen, you immediately go into nurse mode.'I can't speak for everyone, but I think you are a nurse, or you are not. I like to think it just comes a bit naturally in a way. 'I didn't look at it as I was being a hero. I just saw a man needed my help. If he was on my ward I would do the exact same thing for him.

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