Horrific moment schoolgirl who refuses to fight is brutally beaten by vicious teen in front

A teenager has been caught beating up another schoolgirl in front of shocked shoppers during a brutal fight in Glasgow.The girl is submitted to a flurry of blows as her attacker smacks her repeatedly in the face and head while screaming that she 'hates' her and that she's a 'fat c***'. Once the girl has managed to hide her face, her opponent grabs her hair and knees her in the head a number of times, while dragging her across the pavement. The fracas took place in broad daylight, in full view of shoppers, workers and motorists. However, not one adult intervened to break up the clash.At the beginning of the clip, which since it was shared on Facebook earlier this week has been watched over 1,000 times, the victim of the attack is seen talking to two other girls.They appear to be accusing her of something or trying to sort an argument, but she looks unmoved by their words and they get increasingly frustrated with her attitude. Suddenly another girl, wearing a dark hooded top and a baseball cap, leaps onto the teen and connects with sweeping punches to her face, before raining down a succession of blows with rapid speed.Surprisingly, after the frenzied attack, which lasts just a few seconds, the girl does not appear to be suffering any serious injuries.The video ends with her adjusting her hair and her eyelashes which have come loose during the fight.

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