Is this going to be Britain's 'summer of outdoor se

It's going to be all barbecues and bonking as randy Brits struggle to contain their urges while out and about in public as the weather gets hotter. Looking at the steady increase in memberships of dogging websites suggests there is definitely an appetite for outdoors sex. In December, revealed it had nearly three quarter of a million members. Bonk-mad Brits are never far from the news as their frisky behaviour often gets caught on camera, particularly in recent months. Just two weeks ago, one horny couple took advantage of the sunshine and got it on in a field. Unfortunately for the naked duo, they were just yards from a bunch of teens filming the whole thing – not that the couple they appeared to mind too much.But this summer may be the horniest one yet as Britain basks in gorgeous sunshine thanks to the El Niño weather phenomenon. The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) refers to the large scale warming of the sea and contributed to 2015 going down as the hottest year on record. So what does all this mean?

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