Sanders We are going to fight for every last vote

"fight for every last vote" as the race for the White House winds down and pledged to "take our fight into the Democratic convention." "I know it is a steep road, but if we do very very well in New Mexico, California and the other states on June 7th, my hope is that we end this process with 50 percent plus one of the pledged delegates," he told supporters in New Mexico. Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, is determined to fight on against front-runner Clinton in what has become a longer-than-expected and sometimes acrimonious battle. In contests Tuesday, Clinton narrowly edged out Sanders in Kentucky, a state where she had not been expected to win. Sanders won Oregon, a state that played to his strengths. Democrats are faced with a delicate balancing act as long as Sanders remains in the primary race, needing to pivot toward Trump without taking Clinton's nomination for granted and alienating passionate backers of Sanders. Despite having an almost unassailable lead in the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination, and with the primary battle heading toward the final contests next month, Clinton will need Sanders supporters on her side in the general election. If Clinton wins the nomination, for every six Democrats who support Sanders,

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