Show off lad in court after necking fish in one gulp

Cruel Alexander Mackey, 21, was "showing off" and downed the fish in one gulp after a pal won it in a game.Mackey, who said he had drunk seven cans of lager, is seen holding the fish up while it wriggles around.He is then filmed dropping it live into his mouth while his friends laugh hysterically in the background.But a few days later the video was posted on a friend's Facebook account and a complaint was made to the RSPCA.Mackey, an engineer from Plymouth, Devon, was arrested and pleaded guilty today (Friday) to a charge under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 of not meeting the needs of and causing unnecessary suffering to a goldfish by swallowing it. He was ordered to pay a fine and costs totalling £752 and banned from keeping fish for five years.Lindi Meyer, representing the RSPCA, told a court the incident took place in October last year at the Goose Fair in Tavistock.She said: "The fish was taken out of the water bag and was seen to wriggle in pain."The defendant opened his mouth and dropped the fish in, swallowing it whole."He opened his mouth to prove it was not there."

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