Terrifying moment deadly cobra escapes handler and tries to BITE crowd members during show

The horrifying moment a cobra struck at tourists watching a snake show in Thailand has been captured on camera.The audience were enjoying the bizarre act at a venue in Phuket, when the snake leapt into the crowd arching its neck at terrified crowd members.For a few seconds it appears that the cobra, which can unleash a devastating amount of venom, was going to find a new victim, but thankfully, its charmer pulls it away just in time. While cobras do not possess the most powerful venom, they can deliver such a large amount of neurotoxin that a single bite could kill 200 people - or one elephant. However, at the beginning of the clip the risk of an attack seems relatively unlikely as the charmer pulls off a number of impressive tricks.To get the deadly reptile's attention he stamps at the ground and skillfully dodges when it pounces. But by far the strangest act is when he bends down slowly and kisses the cobra, who has raised its neck in an aggressive fashion, on the head - pausing for at least a second. Cobras are known to be shy but when confronted they are a force to be reckoned with and can raise up to one third of their bodies straight off the ground and still move forward to attack.With each trick it feels like the trainer is testing the snake's patience, but as he leaps into the crowd the deadly reptile turns on his audience, rather than him.

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