VIDEO Boozed-up lad on crazy Barcelona stag do inches from death in road horror

Gareth Woodgate, 31, was celebrating with friends in Barcelona when he lost his balance at the roadside returning from a night out and fell into the path of an oncoming driver.His panicked mates can be heard crying "sh*t" as the sozzled car salesman — who can't see as his jumper is stuck over his head — falls backwards into the middle of the road.The driver brakes suddenly and narrowly avoids ploughing the partier over.Gareth, from Norwich, said: "I didn't really realise how dangerous it was at the time."I remember we'd been out pretty much all day and night — it was a stag do after all — and it was really, really warm. That's why I was trying to take my jumper off. "We were all in good spirits and I remember my mates wanting me to dance around the lamppost on the pavement. They were taking pictures because I was so drunk."When I fell I didn't really worry about it. I didn't have much grasp of my surroundings so I didn't know the car was so close behind me."He added: "I got a bit of stick from some friends and family because they didn't find it funny. I guess I'm lucky I fell on to a zebra crossing."My memory is a little bit hazy but I'm pretty sure I felt fine the next day. I enjoy a drink the same as anyone else but possibly it was taken to excess that day."Gareth's pal Dan Staples, 28, who watched from the pavement, said: "Our reaction was a real mixture of 'should we help him?' or 'should we laugh at him?'.

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