WATCH Diver's incredible close encounter with deadly 16ft tiger shark

The video – filmed in tropical waters off the coast of Fiji – shows a group of divers getting up close and personal with two massive beasts.First, a 12 foot shark checks out the group but soon enough the divers are within touching distance of an even bigger creature measuring a ginormous 16ft.The diver behind the camera explained the animals – captured on film in Beqa Lagoon late last year – were more than comfortable to swim around the strange underwater group.He said: “A 16ft Tiger Shark showed up and came very very close to a few of the divers."In the video you can see how close the cameras got to the shark and can even see the eyes of the shark looking back at you.”The divers made the most of the once-in-a-lifetime experience and helped the sharks find their dinner in the form of smaller fish. Tiger Sharks commonly grow to an average of between 10 and 13ft and are considered one of the most dangerous shark species.They have been recorded with the second highest number of fatal attacks on humans behind the Great White but are now considered a near threatened species due to finning and fishing.The aggressive animals stop at nothing to hunt for food and will attack when they feel they are in danger.

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