WATCH FA Cup final singer left red faced live on TV

The 24-year-old pop singer, who was booted off the X Factor in 2013, made a pretty big boo-boo by missing her entrance for the national anthem on FA Cup final day. It couldn't get more cringe as the camera panned towards her and BBC's Guy Mowbray said: "Singing the national anthem at the FA Cup final – what an honour!" But unfortunately no notes came out her mouth and all the audience could see was a young girl fiddling with her earpiece. Even as the football teams, Manchester United and Crystal Palace, and the entire crowd started belting out the anthem she just stood there. But after a glance around, Durham-born Karen realised what had happened and decided to sing the final bits of the song. A little too late though.Before her performance everyone seemed excited to hear the singer whose debut single Say Something reached number seven in the UK singles charts last year. But the Twittersphere were less than impressed with Karen's blunder. One viewers wrote: "Wtf, The singer at the FA Cup final forgets to start singing

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