WATCH It's so windy in America people are FLYING

Weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham recorded their experience of jumping up and being carried through the air by gusts in New Hampshire.Luckily, neither of the pair were whisked off into space.Time in the air lasted only a few seconds before they fell to the icy ground.They were then pushed further along the deck by the unrelenting wind.Gales at Washington observatory have blown at whopping speeds of 109mph.That figure is high but isn't close to the fastest wind speed ever recorded – 253mph in Australia on April 10, 1996.High winds can be extremely dangerous causing road accidents and tree fall. Storm Katie saw gales of up to 106mph hit the UK only a couple of months ago.Flights to major airports Gatwick and Heathrow were cancelled.A quarter of a million homes suffered power cuts and many properties suffered severe damage

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