WATCH Lass in skimpy outfit twerks on landmarks in bizarre

The quirky lass can be seen in a variety of skimpy outfits at separate landmarks throughout Kazan in Russia.Areas include Kazan's football stadium, the Azur Shores skyscraper and the Millennium Bridge.She mainly sports high heels and a black one-piece swimming costume while gyrating saucily. hyphenate one-piece One outfit even, oddly, boasts a cape that looks similar to the American national flag. The bold dancer hasn't been brave enough to disclose her name though – sharing the videos on the web anonymously. Locals have reacted badly to her call for attention. Social media user IlYa wrote: "Oh s***. Why would this girl put shame on such a city as Kazan?"Maria P added: "Her dance is monotonous and lacks good choreography."At least they could have made other shots for the parts where the girl almost loses her balance." Unless she is trying to encourage stag dos, it's hard to see the logic behind her wacky tourism attracting idea.

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